LED Light Sheet Panel for Onyx Marble Backlit

LED light sheet panels the preferred material for agate back light.With the development of LED technology. And the back light mode is more mature perfect, with shown extraordinary strength in performance and operation.

Backlit Onyx Stone

The LED light sheet pane lit self is made of an environmentally friendly material– acrylic. The board is lined with orderly LED lights, even in larger panels. By changing the wiring mode, the whole panel can still ensure the uniformity of light. Moreover, there will be no shadow and spot. Especially the progress of V-cutting technology has improved the stability of luminescence. The color temperature and luminous intensity of LED light sheet panel, can control by installing RGB regulator later. As agate back light material, we can control the color temperature from 3000-6500K by CCT.

And the thickness of LED light sheet is generally less than 8mm. The specific size can be customized according to the actual demand. That is to say, this kind of luminous material occupies a very small limited space and can emit transparent light. The remaining space saved gives users great design space.

So what kind of visual feast will there be after the combination of LED light panel and onyx and marble?

LED light sheet panel can work for both commercial and household purposes

(1) Front desk or integrated service desk. In large public places such as hotels, clubs, shopping malls and private hospitals, service desks will be set up in the lobby on the first floor. The use of agate back light as decoration. On the one hand, will form a dynamic and static color impact, on the other hand, create a unique decoration features.

(2) Lamps. This kind of lamp mainly refers to decorations, such as promenade lights, indicator lights, desk lighting and so on. Assembling onyx back light elements in solid wood furniture, installing onyx back light in the corner of houses, combining strip back light in the main wall decoration, and placing agate decorations in exhibition cabinets can create a three-dimensional sense of space and a warm atmosphere.

(3) Secondary lighting in the hall. The color and texture of onyx are unique and very ornamental. Agate transmits light and can be used as auxiliary lighting material. The fashion style can reflect the style and pursuit of meeting rooms, office, indoor square and other occasions. The onyx back light is generally warm light, giving people a relaxed and comfortable feeling, more attractive to the crowd.

For the onyx and marble is high-grade material, we must consider the stability of back light performance. So far, LED light sheet panel is the most ideal backlight material. The average life of the LED lamp is over 100,000 hours, that is: under the assumption of 24 hours output per day, it can last for 11 years. The installation and replacement of LED light sheet panel is very simple. According to our installation instructions, it can be completed in about a few minutes.

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