Light Guid Plate

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LED Backlight 3D Stone Veneer

Custom led light panel backlight 3D artificial stone veneer. Using LED technology improves the transparent material illumination and 3D features. Apart from backlit 3D stone veneer, it can also backlight faux stone, marble, onyx, granite, glass, pearl and other custom surfaces. Ultra-thin high quality LED panel is only 6mm thickness.High-quality LED strips with high CRI are installed…

Frameless LED Light Panel

Frameless LED Panel is with 3mm thickness diffuser so the Led is invisible.  MAX Illumination bespoke a variety of size and shape edge-lit frameless led panel. It can properly fit for the luxury shop lighting design to display goods unique features. The frameless led light guide plateis more used for shop shelf and cabinet.

LED Light Panel Backlight Kiosks

Custom frameless led light panel backlit for the kiosks, self-service equipment, terminals, vending machine and other Auto machine in airports, airlines, ground transportation, public institutions. LED Backlit Panel advantage: 1. Low energy consumption. 2. Invisible led. 3. long lifespan. 4. Fit in the limited space and available in multiple color temperatures. 5. Super thin light…

Robust LED Light Panel

Walk on the robust led panel. It can handle people weight so we can walk on the rigid led light panel.

Acrylic Light Guide Panel

MAX ILLUMINATION supplies the acrylic material (PMMA) light guide panel with or without led light. Without installing led light, you can use own aluminum profile/frame and led strip to assemble the light guide panel/plate, and we only provide the customized size or shape of acrylic panel. With led strip, we just make the completely light…

LED Backlit Panel

RGB LED panel work as a backlight panel light up aluminum plate for shop fitting out.  And we can cut different size and shape on the plain aluminum plate, then using led panel to illuminate on the shape to create a customized lighting area.


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