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LED Panel for Mobile Phone Camera Detection

We custom led panel with diffuser for mobile phone camera detection purpose. We custom led panel to check mobile phone function. The custom led panel is installed on the phone camera inspection device. For the mobile phone camera inspection led panel, you can check with us.

LED Panel Backlight Table and Counter

The custom size and shape edge lit panel backlit table and counter. The backlight panel is super thin which is only 6mm and solid acrylic (PMMA) material so we can lay down the translucent material on the panel.

Backlit Countertop and Waterfall Onyx

Countertops and waterfall design consist of slab or onyx stone base cabinets or an island. A waterfall countertop edge is stunningly beautiful. It can be the centerpiece of any modern or contemporary kitchen. And if we can install the illumination led panel behind of slab or onyx, it creates a more dramatic look when we …

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LED Backlit Panel

Led backlit panel is also called led back light panel, frameless led panel and edge-lit or side light led panel. MAX Illumination provides the edge-lit led backlit panel that offers a quality and uniform light distribution on the whole panel. The led back light panel has a longer lifespan (50,000 working hours), and easy to install …

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