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The Black Surface LED Panel

The custom black surface led panel. When we turn on the light, the surface will display the light colour temperature. However, when we turn off the light, the panel will show the original black surface. We would like make different color temperature, size, shape, RGB or CCT led panel for our clients bespoke projects. Please …

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lighted acrylic floating shelf

LED Lighted Shelf

We custom Size and shape of LED Lighted Shelf from 3000mm * 3000mm up to 50mm * 50mm. Super Thin The thickness of Edge Lit Acrylic Light Shelf is 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,15mm and 25mm to meet with restrict space. The ultra-slim features allow it back light onyx stone and shop under shelf. LED Color LED light panel kelvin color …

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led luminous panel

LED Luminous Panel

Our custom ultra thin and edge-lit led luminous panel is great for backlighting. Moreover, the light panel is designed to offer a bright, even output of light across the whole panel. And It’s available in standard sizes or bespoke to order. Features of Luminous Panel 1. Ultra-Slim and light—4mm.6mm,8mm and 10mm. 2. Lighting for ceiling, walls, …

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led light guide plate

Light Guide Plate

We customize size and shape of led light guide plate. MAX Illumination PMMA matrix grave line cutting and laser dotting panel for led light panel and led light box.① Raw material: PMMA.② PMMA brand: UK Lucite or Japan Mitsubishi.③ Technology process: Digital UV printing dot. Line Cutting and Laser dotting etc.④ Edge-lit frameless led panel.⑤ The …

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light guide plate

Light Guide Plate (LGP)

We design and manufacture a different shape of Light Guide Plate to fit both circular, rectangular fixtures and other 2D shape. Also, the base material is acrylic sheet PMMA, with a density of matrix engraved line that can spread light on the PMMA. In addition, light input side is available in one light input, two …

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