Light Guid Plate

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Backlit Counter

Our custom light panels are fabricated to backlight translucent surface including stained glass, fabric, artwork, perforated metal, onyx stone etc. The Led panels can be custom built to any 2D shape and size available in 2780×1380mmto 50×50mm. For large areas, our staff will offer the best breakdown and layout of panels to meet your unique request.  Our edge-lit led …

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Custom Light Panel

Custom Size and Shape Light Panel Custom Round Corner Led Panel Custom Color Temperature, RGB, RGBW or CCT  Light Sheet Round Size Light Panel Custom Light Panel Detail

LED Panel for Mobile Phone Camera Detection

We custom led panel with diffuser for mobile phone camera detection purpose. We custom led panel to check mobile phone function. The custom led panel is installed on the phone camera inspection device. For the mobile phone camera inspection led panel, you can check with us.

LED Panel Backlight Table and Counter

The custom size and shape edge lit panel backlit table and counter. The backlight panel is super thin which is only 6mm and solid acrylic (PMMA) material so we can lay down the translucent material on the panel.


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