Backlit Counter

Our custom light panels are fabricated to backlight translucent surface including stained glass, fabric, artwork, perforated metal, onyx stone etc. The Led panels can be custom built to any 2D shape and size available in 2780×1380mmto 50×50mm. For …

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Custom Light Panel

Custom Size and Shape Light Panel Custom Round Corner Led Panel Custom Color Temperature, RGB, RGBW or CCT  Light Sheet Round Size Light Panel Custom Light Panel Detail

Frosted LED Panel

Custom size and shape frosted led panel is with frosted lens. It’s available in RGB, RGBW or CCT. It is designed to provide a uniform, bright output of light across the entire surface of the panel. …

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Lumi sheet

Lumisheet Custom Lumi Panel Edge-lit led light sheet. 2. The thickness of light panel is available in 4mm/6mm/8mm/10mm. 3.  Light uniform is over than 80%. 4. led light panel length is 2850mm, and width is …

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Backlit Lighting Solution

MAX Illumination LED Light Panel is becoming increasingly popular for the backlit lighting solution. Our completely customizable backlit lighting solution applies an LED Light panel. And it is unique and specially designed for application on certain …

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LED Light Sheet Panel for Onyx Marble Backlit

LED light sheet panels the preferred material for agate back light.With the development of LED technology. And the back light mode is more mature perfect, with shown extraordinary strength in performance and operation. The LED light sheet pane lit self is made of …

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