LED Sheet Panel backlit for Shop Lighting

Nowadays with even light distribution, LED sheet panel backlit this new and innovative technology plays multiple applications. This backlit solution is used in many industries such as advertising, display, commercial lighting, decoration etc. because of advantages of simple installation, stable light source, low failure rate, simple maintenance, space saving, etc. It is perfect for shop lighting.

LED Sheet Panel is a versatile backlit unit which delivers bright, even illumination suitable for a variety of applications. LED light sheets and light panels are high-quality LED solutions for creating engaging backlit graphic displays, in-store visual merchandising, menu boards and more.

1. Display graphics

The illuminating surface of the LED sheet panels are based on an optically refined pattern technology to provide consistent brightness and ultimate evenness to any graphic or photo. They are widely used to create a dramatic wall of light or to illuminate surface materials such as decorative glass and graphics.

LED Light Sheet

2. Product showcase

The Led light sheet panel is a light-emitting for large-area illumination acrylic board in order to backlit translucent material. Featuring a slim profile of 6~8mm, they provide even illumination and a slim profile, and can be employed within retail display systems. LED sheet panel can be surface mounted on to a suitable substrate or combined with illuminating translucent materials.

LED Sheet Panel

3. Menu board

LED sheet panel is a space saving solution for fascia menu board because it eliminates the need for a built-up metal back tray that reducing the bulkiness of the menu board and the cost of the tray. The etched matrix acts as a vehicle to transport light from the LEDs across the surface of the panel to deliver homogeneous illumination to the words.

LED Sheet

4. Emergency lighting.

In the event of a power failure, the emergency LED sheet panel will continue to provide some light in define areas such as escape routes for at least three hours.

Features of LED sheet panel backlit:

1. Uniform light output. We have designed single-sided, bilateral, and four-sided wiring methods to meet the uniform light output of different size panels.

2. Low energy consumption. LED panels use less power and save more than 80% electricity than conventional light source to produce comparable light output, providing financial savings year-after-year of up to 44%.

3. Simple installation and maintenance. The sheet panel can be suspended or pasted. The failure rate is low and the life span is more than 100,000 hours. Maintenance is basically not required.

4. Size, color temperature, shape can be customized. We adopt advanced 3D V-cutting technology to cut a uniform matrix with specific shape and size. We provide white color and RGB color for choices. If you require a dimming function, we can place a suitable dimmable driver and controller.

5. Excellent small footprint. The thickness of LED sheet panel is only about 6~8mm. It can be embedded in a wall or in other pastes to achieve seamless.

The applications of LED sheet panel backlit:

●High-End Residential

●Onyx/Stone Bars & Countertops

●Nightclubs & Restaurants

●Entertainment Accent Lighting


●Theme Park Rides & Attractions

●Architectural Indoor & Outdoor Entrance Facade

●Luminous Ceilings & Walls

●Indoor & outdoor Ad Signage

●Architectural Accent Lighting

Aiding clients in the specification of this bespoke product, our creative team routinely devise solutions to complex design and installation requirements.

We look forward to working with you!

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