Led Strip Light

LED strip lights (also known as LED Aluminum Channel) are flexible and used widely in various industrial, commercial and residential projects. They are so popular due to the improvements in efficiency, color options and brightness.

MAX illumination is the manufacturer of LED light panel and led strip. The light product offers energy efficient, stylish and modern solutions


①  Home use: bathroom accents, cove lighting in kitchen, cabinet and shelving

②  Commercial use: bar and restaurant, hotel & hospitality, retail product displays, storefront displays, stage design, art displays.

③  Other use: outdoor accents, hand rails & walkways, building outline.

LED strip lights are a fantastic way to add attractive accent lighting to almost any space. They are the easy-to-use efficient way to get creative with lighting solutions by providing attractive effects such as wall-washing, edge-lighting, under-cabinet lighting and much more. These are all due to its characteristics:

1 Cut to length

You can cut the strip every few inches, allowing you to freely design your project without worrying about space requirements. Cutting LED strips is very simple thanks to the cut lines along the strips. The copper solder pads make it so each strip piece is addressable even after being cut.

2 Flexible

LED strip lights are flexible circuit boards and can be bent vertically up to 90 degrees. This allows you to add light to places previously thought impossible.

3 Color options

LEDs can be manufactured to emit a variety of single colors and color changing options.

White strip:

Warm-to-Cool Strip: Color Temperature adjustable strip that can be switched between multiple CCTs from 2400K (Very Warm) to 6000K (Cool Daylight);

High CRI Strip: LED Strip with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95, ensuring colors in a space appear full and vibrant

RGB Strip: Utilizes red, green and blue LEDs to change between a wide spectrum of color using an RGB Remote Controller;

RGBW Strip: Features the same colored LEDs as RGB Strip but with the addition of White LEDs for greater variety of color and brightness;

Red, Green or Blue Strip: Utilizes only one color of LED per strip to produce solid accent lighting

4 Low profile

With a thickness of 2mm, LED strips can be installed in many tight spaces and can easily be hidden from view.

5 Peel & stick

The LED strips have a 3M adhesive backing for simple mounting options. The low profile, flexible strip has a peel-off backing which exposes the 3M adhesive, making for a simple peel-and-stick install.

6 Fully dimmable

Our LEDs are dimmable and compatible with most home automation and DMX systems, wall dimmers, and remote dimmers. You have complete control over your LEDs. But you will need to use a dimmable transformer.

7 Added protection

Additional environmental protection can be added to make the LED strip lights to be dust/water resistant or dust/waterproof.

8 Customizable

We can customize specialty strips for your project to include custom colors, lengths, CRI, width, voltage, brightness, and more.

Installing LED strip lights is simple and can be done in a few steps. All our strips, except the waterproof type, are self-adhesive. You simply peel and stick. According to the installation instructions provided by us, you can install it in 1-2 hours.

MAX illumination offers a variety of support options including:

Custom light kit design

Specification support

Installation assistance

Product selection

Bids and quoting

OEM support OEM

Project design

Project customization

and more. We treat every project like it is our own and will work with you until your vision is realized. Welcome to contact us.

LED Strip Lights

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