LED Aluminum Profiles

MAX Illumination has released a variety of LED Aluminum Profiles to illuminate as a special LED Strip Light project. It makes it possible to create many new possibilities. The length o LED Aluminum profiles extruded is from 50 cm to 250 cm which offers different packing standards. Moreover, you can customize the aluminum led light for your existing projection not only the length but also the wattage intensity per meter, we will assistant with you.

Features of LED Aluminum Profiles

1. The aluminum material is a low density, lost cost and corrosion resistance so we could find the aluminum material used from bottle drink to the boats and aircraft. And, the aluminum has no aroma.

2. Our aluminum channel incorporates cooling parts that work as an integrated heat sink to dissipate heat from the LED strips.

3. The quality of extruded aluminum profiles gives unlimited solutions for novel lighting designs with LEDs. 50 customized extrusion aluminum can perfectly match with your design objectives LED lighting solution.

4. The extrusion aluminum profiles provide a wide range of mounting applications including the wall, shop shelf, wardrobes, facades, driveway, buildings, restaurants, office, hotels. The special 45℃ angle could light up display goods that are widely used in the retail business and store shop.

5. The diffuser is available in clear, frosted and opal matt which provide a soft lighting source.

6. The aluminum led strip is a vital part of a linear LED fixture as a lightweight and long lifespan house LED strip lighting of any color temperature, color and output.

As an LED Aluminum Profiles manufacture offer a wide selection of LED strip allows you to create virtually any LED design without boundaries such as suspended LED aluminum extrusion, high output LED aluminum strip, recessed mounted LED aluminum strips and other custom applications. Contact us, our engineered team would offer you more solutions.

LED Aluminum Profile

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