Shop Interior and Exterior Design with LED Light Panel

The lighting schemes change the mood of a space just as it does the perceived size of a place. When you are planning decoration, revamping, renovations and unit display application. Placement and type are very important aspects of interior and exterior design with light. We would like to introduce our LED Light panel that could achieve some goals.


Our LED light panel is widely applied in the luxury store and shop department. The main reason is that light panel is able to highlight display units and offer a visual impression. The warm color of light panel offers people a natural feeling. The effect of this type of light is brightness and clarity. Therefore, the shop interior designers accept our LED Light Panel to strength and highlight the products.

Custom shop led panel

Back lighting

The utilization of LED Light panel can back-lit an abundance of translucent material to enrich the material itself color. Not matter a simple poster and directional signage or stained glass and onyx, LED Light panel illuminate the material in order to ensure displaying the result. A proper lighting panel allows the illuminated material to contribute to the overall interior and exterior design coordinately.

We use the unique heat dissipation design to reduce hot scenario which has an influence on the material as well as ensure a longer lifespan. We fully customize extra-thin and frameless LED Light Panel to fit your application. You just need to connect our LED PANEL with your adapter to start the illumination. We work together with designers, architects, construction managers, shop & store fitting companies to deliver precision fit-out.

We’re a Chinese reputable back-lit frameless LED lighting panel specialist; with our very own patented LED products that are sure to not only reduce your interior design budget but to make your place more creative.

led panel for shop design

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