Countertop Backlight LED Light Sheet

We custom led light sheet back light countertop

Countertop Backlit LED Panel

The company reception countertop typical adopts the simple color design. Generally, the designer utilizes a number of back-lit LED Light Sheet to illuminate translucent material. The translucent material could be onyx, granite, glass or plastic material. Traditional warm white color offers a visitor a comfortable feeling. If you want to counter to be more special, you could combine with translucent of natural stone. It’s including onyx, marble, granite, and alabaster. It provides a visually impressive circumstances and are suitable for multiple types of commercial interiors design.

Lighting plays a vital role in bar design and style. There is no doubt that the bar countertop is the most important place in the bar. Traditional bar countertop design could not satisfy with clients’ and bar owners’ demands. They are searching for a unique design and a completely new bar countertop. The lighting countertop is a perfect solution, it creates a mysterious and attractive ambiance. Today, many bar countertop designers apply the back-lit LED light panels on the bottom. And, installing a thin veneer of stone or translucent material in order to illuminate the bar counter and environment. Therefore, the combination successfully creates an innovative element replacing the rigid countertop..

We would like to work with designer and constructional team for the best solution. It can work for your particular requirements and assist you to achieve the result you want. We don’t just offer a simply offer lighting unit. But we provide a lighting solution for your products and design. We believe if the moment is missed, the chance is wasted.

Countertop Backlight LED Light Sheet

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