LED Light Sheet and LED Aluminum Channel

LED Light Sheet.

Frameless LED light panel is also called LED light sheet which is an edge backlighting way. It delivery the uniform illumination on the PMMA(Acrylic board) that are perfectly homogeneously backlighting products. We apply a unique cutting solution on the acrylic plate which forms an etched matrix that allows the LED Illumination to cross the whole surface of the acrylic sheet in order to form an evenly light. Moreover, the versatile and novel LED light sheet is suitable for a massive project because of the customized LED shape and size. The ultra-thin light sheet(4mm, 6mm , 8mm or 10mm)offers a much convenient solution to the users. Unlike the LED strip backlight concentrated and dazzling spotlight, our LED light sheets are possible directly mounted on the back of translucent material. And it significantly reduces the distance of mounting depth and assure evenly lighting result.

The LED light sheet is recognized by designers, fabricators, engineers, projector and end-users. It is capable of meeting their unique demands in a wide range of markets. It’s including fabricate light box, vending machine advertising back light display, P-O-P displays, shop fitting out, retail display. Also, it can backlit store fixtures, onyx and stone, house interior(bench tops back light and counter tops back light, shop shelf.

LED Light Sheet

Back Lighting Countertop

When we talk about countertop or benchtop renovation, plenty of material would come up to our heads such as wood, onyx, granite, quartzite, wood, marble or laminates so we have a massive of options for a countertop. It’s great to have many options, but making the correct choice or creating a comfortable atmosphere is more complicated than ever.

No matter the home countertop, nightclub or bar countertop or business, people love the idea of a backlighting countertop to have a special feeling .Especially, it’s illuminating onyx, marble, quartzite and laminate enhancing the stone natural beauty. Like onyx is crystalline stone, and often translucent – which means it allows for light to pass through. The degree of translucency varies among onyx slabs and is dependent on the color, thickness and surface finish.

 Onyx typically comes in a wide array of yellow hues due to the presence of iron deposits. But other common colors are green, white, orange, gold, pink and brown. Applying onyx translucent material is becoming increasingly popular inkitchen countertop, bath room and commercial decoration. The light temperature is available in 3000k warm white color, 4100k neutral white and 5300 pure/cool white color to meet the color palettes. And the backlight LED light sheet is up to 118”(3000mm) *59”(1500mm). Moreover, the homogenously illumination could reduce the depth between the light sheet and translucent material.

led panel backlit countertop

Vending Machine Advertising Back Light

We see many vending machines/ATM machines with advertising poster which could promote the products or service. Our ultra-slender guide light plate could be customized any size to fit with a vending machine or ATM machine. The smallest guide light plate could be customized mini size to 2” (50mm) * 2”(50mm). Therefore, it can mount on the restricted space as well as provides brilliant, homogeneous and glare-free lighting. In addition, we could manufacture a wide range of frameless LED light sheets to backlit different size poster advertising.

It’s perfect lighting conditions for backlighting post which is on the bank ATM machine and food/drink vending machine.

Vending Machine Poster Back Light

Shop Fixture and Retail Display

There are plenty of LED Lighting products that used in the shop fixture and retail display, and high standard and quality shop LED lighting is able to impact and immerse clients in the store environment and drive sales. LED light sheet is one of the important shop fixtures and retail display environment lights.

The LED sheet can backlight large dimensions or directly mounted on the shop fixture shelf. So it can display the shop products and goods. The custom-tailored LED Light Panel is a vital piece to the puzzle of how to generate more walk-in foot traffic and sales. The over 80 CRI backlit sheet provides business ranging from shop to restaurant as an efficient lighting solution. Moreover, the ultra-thin design units contribute to the retail store brand identity of innovation and distinction in their front display area.

Features of LED Light Sheet

The PMMA( high-quality acrylic panel) illuminate poster and goods

A super slender and frameless light-sheet gives a modern and streamlined look.

The unique lighting sheet can disperse light homogeneously throughout the viewing area to avoid glare illumination. It more offers a gentle and soft light to viewers.

It’s available in frameless signage, retail advertising fixtures, POP displays, trade shows and posters which offer shoppers with all the information necessary to make an aware decision on which display is right for their needs.

Applications of LED Sheet

And the backlit advertising is visible to potential clients outside your business as an a-frame would be. The LED poster panel is a thin acrylic sheet that plays an important role to create a display. However, it weights less than conventional neon signs so users can hang the poster in a shop front. The design gets more attention of those walking by their establishment. And, the novel technology provides customers with an eye-catch image. We know that some stores are looking for lighting sheet to illuminate the store shelf. A high-brightness LED Light sheet is integrated with diffusers offer a homogeneously spread of light across the surface of the light panel without the requirement of the frame.

It delivery simple and economical to back light store shelf, Being only 6mm and 8mm acrylic panel, it has a light-weight appearance but in fact, is incredibly robust. The brightness light-sheet possible increases the sale of products. Research carried out in the retail has shown that by adding lighting sheets within a display sale can be increased, under 1 month show, the sales of products displayed by lightsheet went up by 20%.

Features of Store LED Light Sheet

1.      Totally frameless LED light sheet

2.      Single, double and four side LEDs

3.      Display products to their best performance

4.      Lightweight with robust material

5.      Closed backlight material without shadow

6.      The size and shape is customized

Shop Store LED Light Panel

Architecture Backlit

Architectural LED light panel is a low voltage LED light source providing even, indirect illumination. White/RGB LEDs are recessed into the edge of acrylic sheet. Moreover, it distributes and amplifies the light output across the surface of the whole LED Light Sheet results in light source. It can custom into virtually any shape or size. Also, it serves as illumination, indirect lighting in architectural, showroom and wall backlight applications.

The architecture backlight is also for stone, onyx, glass, fabricate and other transparent material.

The frameless and edge-light panel is widely used in different applications and projects. We would continuously manufacture and serve the LED light sheet to worldwide customers.

Architecture Backlit Panel

LED Aluminum Channel

Also, we manufacture the LED Aluminum Profile for store fixtures. One of the main benefits to led aluminum channels is that you can able to cut them to whatever size that you want making it easy to fit out a shop. You could simple recessed LED aluminum profile shop shelf or cabinet to your shop. So it produces a high-quality light for professional, decorative and accent lighting application. Installation of LED strips is simple and quick. And the heat of LED strips could be quickly conducted away.

Some shop designers use the LED aluminum channel to create a hot sale zone which also significantly increases sales. The customized aluminum extrusions are facilitating the rapid evolution of LED lighting applications. Meanwhile, it meets these shop design challenges while offering great design versatility. In addition, we add several different LED circuit boards to help control light output, color and distribution. And, the LED Aluminum channel could be customized to a different angle.

LED Aluminum channel applications

Industrial application warehouse LED lighting, manufacturing and distribution centers.

Commercial outdoor application —-roadway sign, digital display boards, advertising billboards and scoreboard, bridge lighting,

Commercial Indoor application—retail stores,display, banks, offices, trade shows, libraries, healthcare facilities

House application— bathroom, kitchen, cabinet, wardrobe, stairs, floors and wall corner lighting decoration.

LED Aluminum Channel

MAX Illumination LED Light sheet and LED Aluminum channel to achieve a modern look for different applications.

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