Retail Store Interior Design LED Lighting

When we search retail store interior design LED Lighting online. it shows a huge range of LED lighting products like downlights, backlight LED Sheet, Cylinder Light, LED Aluminum channel and cabinet light.

LED Down lights

Comparing to conventional halogen or incandescent lights, LED downlights can save 85% energy. It’s more cost-effectively with longer lifespan 15,000 -50,000 hours. It offers a good lighting choice for low ceilings because they are flush and minimalist.


Down lights do not effectively use the walls and ceiling to deflect lighting around the room creating a more evenly spread brightness.

LED Light Sheet

The LED Light sheet could be used as a backlight sources. You might need a light sheet created to your bespoke requirements. Lucky for you some LED manufacturers will cut LED light sheets to your specified size. Choosing an LED light sheet is a great choice as these are versatile lighting solutions that can be applied in many different situations.

The LED light sheet has a different thickness like 4mm, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm panel. One of the ways that they can be utilized is in creating a wall of light. They are also used to cast light on an area of focus such as graphics, poster or even decorative glass. So many retail store owner use it to catch up people’s attention.

LED Light Sheet


Because it’s customized size with acrylic material, the price would be higher than standard LED light sheet.

Cylinder Light

LED Cylinders Light is an excellent LED luminaire that are ideal for commercial retail store. And it is able to offer up to 5000 lumens. It also comes in a large number of style, or can be Colour-specified to fit your design.


If you install the lights in a high moisture space which leads to mold development or other problems.

LED Aluminum channel

One of the main benefits of led aluminum profiles is that you can cut them to whichever size that you want . Therefore, it’s making it easy to install them almost anywhere including shop wall, floor, shelf and display cabinets. You could simple recesse LED aluminum to your shop to produce a high-quality light for professional, decorative and accent lighting application. Installation of LED strips is simple and quick. And the heat of LED strips could be quickly conducted away.

LED Aluminum Channel


Hundreds style of LED Aluminum channel sometimes make it much harder to select.

Unlike fluorescent lamps that burn out more quickly or HID lamps that require a long time before restarting, LEDs are ideal lighting source to illuminate and decorate shop.

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