Store Fixture Display Light Panel

Many retail and store owners try many sales tactics to increase the sale revenue. How to improve brick and mortar attraction and get more potential business? Starting a new fit out is good option like re-designing and refurbishing shop. Lighting and displaying products is a core element for store fixture display.

Traditional light bulb is not enough to provide concentration on the products. Therefore, many designer and shopper owner prefer to a large scale of lighting solution to highlight products. LED Light Panel not only offers a large space illumination but also provide more brightness and flexible color temperature. Light panel ultra-thin features allow LED light panel combination with shelf which maximum backlight shop products.

Apart from using in the shop display, MAX Illumination LED light sheet is also able to backlit Onyx, glass, corian, avonite, translucent wood (luminoso),translucent concrete(luccon, litracon, lucem). The applications are used for commercial and public lighting, clubs and bars, hotel lobby, elevator entrance, luxury residential home counter top and other interior and exterior design.

MAX Illumination cutting-grid LED light sheet make your lighting much easier and flexible. Go for lighting solution, contact with us.

shop fixture led light panel

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