Modern Shop Light

Nowadays, many lighting solutions are used for shop decoration and illumination. The extensive range of lighting offers a superb range of benefits, and simple fit and design in the store. Modern shop light significantly improves the shop fixture and your POS system

1. General Illumination

General illumination is the core light source for your shop. These lights emit illumination in all directions making it ideal for general lighting and applications. Also, the lighting units ensure that your shop is not gloomy and that clients feel relax and have enough general light to make their way around. General illumination offers a bright and comfortable ambient shop light. 

2. Tracking lighting

Tracking lighting is also called spotlight or task lighting. The tacking light is common feature in the shop fixture. Track lighting run along a track, which is installed on the wall or ceiling. The wires are hidden in the track, so it shows an elegant, tidy look. The track lighting not only could bent into any shape and size to fit any space but also offer a new look of your products in your store.

3. Decoration Light

We often see the decoration light in the hotel lobby, public and commercial place. Those decorative lights contribute sophistication and beauty to your shop. In some ways, this is as much about the light fixture as it is about the specific light, although that is important as well. There is an extensive range of interior and exterior decoration light.

4. Display & Backlit

Many luxury shop & retail install LED light panel to display products replacing the traditional track light. Grid-cutting LED light sheet offering impressive light outputs and flexible color temperature in order to had better show the products features. It mainly used in the shop shelf and POS. On the other hands, LED light panel is capable of back-lit translucent material like advertising poster, shop & commercial counter top

Shop Light Tips

(1-1). You should avoid the light heat that may damage your products or make your client uncomfortable or fade your products. MAX Illumination LED light panel USE our patent heat dissipation design which emit almost Zero Heat

(1-2). Color temperature. Incandescent lights are warmest, LED’s coolest, and fluorescent in-between. The normal bulbs have a 2700k-3200 kelvin. For shop dressing rooms or you want the natural lighting color,4000-5000kelvin is better. For task space or highlight area, you many need 5500-6000k. The other important number is CRI(Color Rating Index ) measurement of how a light shows a product’s true color. The higher the index number of a bulb, the truer your item color will be under that light. I-TECH is able to customize color temperature from 2700k to 6500k with high CRI to meet with most demands.

(1-3). Energy Consumption and efficiency. Energy consumption and lighting lifespan are an important consideration. Comparing to other lighting method, LED is more economic and efficiency

(1-4). Focus on the display light. A good display can highlight and strength your shop products. Nobody wants to spend on much money, but the shop lighting fixture doesn’t increase the store profit and attract more clients. Especially for small business, they need cost effective shop display light.

(1-5). Mirrors. If you have a small shop, you could install a mirror to brighten up your shop light. Even not technically a lighting fixture, mirrors can be a great and cheap way to reflect light and brighten up your store. This is especially true if mirrors fit into your decor, as they often do in small stores.

Modern shop light involves many types of lighting solution. For your quality shop display light and backlit units, you could contact with MAX Illumination for more information.

Modern Shop Lighiting

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