Retail Display Edge-lit LED Light Panel

The edge-lit light panel has many applications in retail circumstances such as cosmetic counter display, cabinet display, glasses shelf display. And it can light up signs, light box for photographic transparencies, stained glass and faux windows. On the other hand, the edge-lit panel is used in under-cabinet and stone such as quartzite, onyx or other translucent countertops.

Edge-lit LED Light Panel

The embedded LEDs installed in the sink of PMMA acrylic emit the bright across the whole light guide plate. So the edge-lit LED light sheet is also a frameless light sheet. As we know, retail display needs to highlight products in the retail environment in order to attract people’s attention. In addition, MAX Illumination edge-lit light panel is capable of emitting high lumen and available in different color temperatures to meet with the retail requirement. For the maintenance, it evenly illuminated and last for 50.000 hours or 5 years guarantee. The super-slim edge-lit LED light panel is available in 6mm, 8mm to fit with restraining areas.

We are also able to customize the extreme mini size to giant large panels results in meeting with different shelf size requirements. The unique cutting or laser cutting technique allows us to make extremely large custom panels. And it can evenly illuminate without any hot spots and cold spots. Moreover, the specific heat dissipation design produces limited to Zero heat.

And the high CRI backlit and edge-lit LED light panel can enhance your retail and shop environment. For more edge-lit LED Light sheet, you could contact with us.

Retail Display Edge-lit LED Light Panel

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