Large Size LED Light Panel Power Cord

For the small size of the LED Light sheet, we can connect a single power cord with LED Light Sheet. But for large size LED Light Panel, the single power cord is not able to offer sufficient voltage for the LED strip. There is a voltage drop scenario between the beginning and end parts, in the beginning, an LED strip is charged with strong power which is delivered by the adapter. However, the end part of voltage gradually decreases. Insufficient voltage may cause a weak light on the corner. The vision of a whole LED Light panel may have a small weak light area. Even the weak light is not very obvious, it sometimes affects the light panel uniform.

With the experience, we customize the number of power cords (wire out) based on the total length of LED strip in order to avoid the weak light. Over 1.5m long LED strip, we recommend that two power cords connect with LED Light Panel. We have manufactured different sizes and shapse of the LED light panel for shop display, shopfitting and retail interior design.

MAX Illumination offers the professional LED Light Sheet design and solution for your shop fitting and backlit application.

LED light Sheet

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