LED Aluminum Alloy Channel

LED aluminum alloy channel is a common type of lighting bar in LED lighting. The shape is tubular, long, triangle similar to ordinary fluorescent tube, except that it is made of aluminum alloy on the back and different types of cover on the front. The LED aluminum alloy channel is powered by led strips.

LED aluminum alloy channel has all the advantages:

(1) Energy saving and environmental protection. The LED light is a cold light source, which avoids the drawback that the traditional light fixture will emit a large amount of heat energy, and LED lamp basically can convert all the electric energy into light energy without causing waste of energy. What’s more, LED aluminum alloy profile does not use mercury and does not contain lead inside, and will not pollute the environment after being scrapped. It is a recognized green light source.

(2) Long service life. In general, the life of LED aluminum alloy channel is more than 30,000 hours. At the same time, it consumes less than one-third of the power of traditional fluorescent lamps, but the brightness is consistent with traditional fluorescent lamps.

(3) It is possible to produce various illuminating colors to meet the needs of different occasions.

(4) Rugged and durable. The LEDs are completely encapsulated in epoxy and are stronger than bulbs and fluorescent tubes. The aluminum alloy baffle on the back absorbs heat well and resists external damage.

In addition, LED Aluminum Channel has its own unique advantages.

(1) Good heat dissipation. The heat dissipation of the ordinary LED tube is mainly transmitted to the PVC pipe through the electronic sealing glue and the air inside the tube, and the heat is radiated from the surface of the PVC tube to the surrounding air, so the heat dissipation is not good, and the power of the lamp is also impossible to be very large. LED aluminum alloy channel is to complete the heat dissipation of the LED from aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy is exposed to the air, and can directly contact the air to form air convection, and the heat generated by the LED work can be quickly transmitted to the air. However, it should be noted that if it is used in places with heavy dust, it should be regularly dusted to prevent dust from covering the radiator and affecting heat dissipation.

(2) Product flexibility is high. The easy-to-shape characteristics of aluminum alloys make LED aluminum channel easy to manufacture in a variety of different specifications. The aluminum channel can have a variety of geometric shapes, and can be drawn into a single tube, a double tube, and is not easily oxidized.

 (3) High power. Ordinary LED tubes are generally difficult to achieve the power of 20w due to the limitation of heat dissipation performance. LED aluminum channel adopts aluminum alloy profile with good heat dissipation. Because it supports the operation of more powerful LED lamps, it undoubtedly broadens the functional coverage of LED aluminum alloy lamps and provides consumers with more choices.

(4) There are many colors. Aluminum channel can be used to package LED strips of various colors, or a variety of packaged LED patches can be installed to produce red, yellow, green, blue, orange, white, and ultraviolet LED tubes to meet the needs of different industries.

LED aluminum alloy lamp overcomes the shortcomings of a series of ordinary LED tubes, while retaining their advantages, no rust, light weight, suitable for a variety of different occasions. In the future, it is bound to be favored in more fields.

LED Aluminum Channel

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