Retail LED Light Panel Fitting

The customer’s experience in the retail and ultimate purchasing decisions can all be widely influenced on the lighting specifications and layout of commercial retail spaces. In the early 90’s, fluorescent tubes are hugely used in the retail shop with cheapest fitting requirement. With the development of technology, LED lighting offers interior designer and construction companies more solutions that change color and dimming like never before. In 2021, people can use LED panel to hugely improve the retail shop fitting in the below points.

Products Display Lighting

Ideally, the product display lighting will highlight certain space of the product displays with high LUX levels that draw the attention of customers. Also, it is important to ensure display lighting that evenly, no cold and black spots are displayed. Simple LED light panel sheet can fully achieve these features and perfectly display commercial products.

Visual Merchandise Display

When retail shop creates an outstanding visual merchandise display, it is firstly to incorporate eye-catching signs. And lighting deliveries your intended message. The simple way is to utilize light boxed with captive graphics and illuminating LED light sheet. If the visual merchandise light box done correctly, customers could discern exactly what that area of store has on display. So they would be drawn to the that part of the store without even realizing.

The LED Light sheet is flexible on the color temperature between 3500k and 6500k. 6500k and 6000k are an optimal color for these displays that pure white is ideal for grabbing attention.

Point of Sale

It is known that checkout area, pay counter and cash registers are important because it needs to be easily identifiable. Some shops use point of sale to sell the accessories and small goods. An distinguish point of sale not only improve the shop environment but also enhance checkout area sales when people are waiting for payment. Therefore, we need a tidy and bright light point of sale area. We can use the hanging pendants light or countertop backlit LED light sheet

Retail LED Light Panel Lighting

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