LED Sheet and Aluminum for Shop Lighting

We see led sheet and led aluminum channel for shop lighting.

The lighting layout in the shop decoration can not only create a matching store atmosphere and layout. But more importantly, it will affect the consumer’s store experience and affect the store’s revenue. The Led light sheet overcomes the limitation of the shape of the glass bulb of the traditional lamp. Moreover, it has a slim profile, which can perfectly combine with materials such as fabric to provide bright and uniform illumination. Therefore, it can produce more than expected decorative effects in the shop decoration.

LED Light Sheet

The brightness and layering of the light in the store are important indicators of a store’s level and customer experience. In terms of merchandise booths, the Led light panel source is also bright and the material is ultra-thin. At the same time, it saves the booth space occupation. So the appearance quality of the product is fully reflected. It can install horizontally or vertically. Meanwhile, it is better integrated with the surface of stand to meet the various requirements of the store. For example, the Led light sheet is applied to display counter of the jewelry store to save space. In terms of decorations, Led lighting sheet can be used as a light source for “hidden” lighting.

In addition, the surface of the Led light sheets are attached with a fabric or other light-transmitting material to supply a uniform light. The combination of the baubles makes the decoration natural and original. For example, the elegance of the coffee shop comes from the scenery under a beam of light, which highlights the feelings of the coffee house. For lighting quality, the Led sheet does not require an additional filter device. So the lighting system is simple, inexpensive, and easily to install. Its uniform lighting effect avoids the drawbacks of the traditional light source. If the good store pattern leaves even light, the effect will be greatly reduced. Those shops of atmosphere is mostly lighting.

By the layout of the Led light sheet, it creates a layered spatial light environment as well as a fascinating display space. And it offers a variety of lighting techniques to display the theme image of the store. People create associations, arouse Consumers resonate and establish emotional communication with consumers.

led panel for shop light

LED Aluminum Channel

Led aluminum channel is also becoming more and more popular in various buildings. The large-screen bright-screen advertising that we saw in the underground garage, the ceiling lighting that we saw at the entrance of the office building, the light wall that we saw in various clubs, and the large-screen guide bar that we saw at many stores and shops were all Led aluminum channel application. It has low power consumption, long life, space saving, sturdy and durable, almost no heat release, good lighting effect, and can show a high-end taste.

Led aluminum channel demonstrates flexibility and security. Firstly, its installation can modify according to actual needs. Secondly, it can fit close to the wall and does not occupy other space. When the size and style of the building fits into the shape and surface texture of the Led aluminum channel, a result is a form of freedom, complementarity, coordination and simplicity.

led strip for shop fitting

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