Bespoke Backlit LED Light Sheet

LED Light Sheet

The bespoke backlit Led light sheet is a light-emitting for large-area illumination acrylic board. It integrates the advantages of LED lights such as energy saving, long life, no stroboscopic, impact and resistance. While it can meet the lighting needs of different occasions include home onyx stone backlight , or shop advertising lighting.

The LED light sheet is capable of supplying a wide range of Kelvin from 3500k ~6300k. Therefore, it can meet with most of our clients demands. The LED light sheet has a low operating voltage and adopts a DC drive mode. And, the energy saving is more than 80% than the conventional light source under the same lighting effect.

The service life is more than 10 times of the service life of traditional light source. The LED light sheet has stable performance and can work normally in the environment of 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C.

At the moment, LED light sheet has been widely used in a variety of lighting equipment, such as onyx stone illumination, security lighting, shop advertising lights, subway channel lighting and office building lighting. Whether in home, entertainment or office space, whether it is in the atmosphere or in general lighting applications, its advantages of simple installation, stable light source, low failure rate, simple maintenance, space saving, etc. make LED light sheet more and more popular in varied usages.

In order to extend the service life of LED light sheet, there are some common problems that deserve our attention. Firstly, the LED light sheet needs to operate under a stable current and voltage. Unstable voltage, especially the increase in the supply voltage, is particularly likely to cause damage to the LED strip. Secondly, try not to buy low-priced LED light sheet panel. At present, the quality of products on the market is uneven. Some inferior LED panels have poor heat dissipation due to material reasons, which will make internal LED sheet panel vulnerable to damage. Thirdly, avoid the water inside the light board.

Backlit LED Light Sheet

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