Back Light Translucent Stone

Led Light Panel Backlit Onyx Stone

Have you heard about led light sheet back light the onyx stone or other translucent stone as a unique decoration for house countertop or commercial stone?

We simple install the led light panel on the back of translucent stone to illuminate the stone maximum the stone patter and wild natural stone features. The soft light combining with stone-hard features offer people different feeling whether you are in the house or the working office building. Therefore, many designers like to incorporate the lighting stone in the house or building fixture out.

On the other hand, led light sheet overcomes the traditional spotlighting disadvantages as the led light sheet provide a uniform flat lighting source so we could shorten the distance between led light sheet and the translucent material which could install the onyx stone and light panel in the restricted space. We are also able to customize the size of led light sheet to fix on different sizes of stone.

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led light panel backlit onyx stone

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