LED Backlit Panel

The LED backlit panel can illuminate any translucent surface. The ultra-think led panel is a classic solution for a wide range of applications like signage, shop fitting, furniture, interior design. And it back slight POS display, onyx stone backlight and others, etc. The led light panel is available in the thin size and customizable shape will easily meet with design ideas.

The advantages of LED Light Sheet

Homogeneous illumination and bright

Unique grid etching or laser dotting panel

High quality original acrylic panel

Slim profile – from 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm

Highly efficient LED with quality heat dissipation parts.

Different color temperature and RGB available

Energy and cost saving

Longer lifespan and minimize the acrylic sheet turning yellow color when the time goes by.

Shape available in round, square, triangle, square, rectangle, polygon, semicircle and other customizable shapes.

The Application of LED Sheet

Point of Sale (POS) use the frameless led light panel as design. So it promotes the products to be eye-catching and stand out from the surroundings. Many shops to show that a quality light atmosphere is able to stand out the products result in sales.

Furniture, the led panel is also available embedded in the furniture to illuminate the shop shelf or cabinet. The led panel could custom to different size dimensions to fit the furniture. Especially, it’s for the shop shelf and cabinet lighting as well as house furniture illumination.

led light box is is also illuminated by led light sheet because of slim lighting features. It also suit for back light signage and direction. Therefore, the light box is super-thin with high brightness.

Shop Fitting. LED light sheet is a wonderful way for store & shop illumination. The light offers a unique mood and attractive look as well as be able to highlight the hot sale products. So it dramatically increases the shop sales as well as improve shopping environment. Consequently, customers are inspired and attracted by the lighting products.

In addition, the led panel is in the Bank ATM machine advertising poster, vending machine poster lighting. Moreover, the onyx stone backlight improve stone texture in Bar & Restaurant countertop backlight panel. Also, The lighting projects are in office ceiling light, wall light, and other architectural design.

Customizable available in size, shape, curving, color temperature and RGB. Adding a diffusion sheet makes the light much uniformly. Installating a graphic provides a solid display. It’s an ultra-thin, super bright and high illumination

We can create a customized led light sheet for new lighting solutions or replace existing lighting fittings. It allows our clients to utilize the benefits of led sheet like increased efficiency and lifetime, energy, simple maintenance as well as improved lighting levels whilst minimizing disruption.

Apart from the led light panel products, we also manufacture and supply a variety of led aluminum channelsled light box and led accessory parts to meet with your different expectations. Please feel free to contact us for your LED lighting products.

LED Sheet

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