LED Soft Modular Light

LED Modular Light is also called LED aluminum profile, LED aluminum channel or LED extrusion aluminum, soft rubber silicone led strip stripe and so forth.We could easily see many lighting projects has the led aluminum profile involved because of simple installation, less cost, customized shape and size.

LED Aluminum Profile Applications

1. The LED Aluminum channel is used for building or architecture wall strip lighting, home ceiling stripe light and stair lighting

2. The LED Aluminum Profile is applied for the shop and store shelf lighting in order to stand out the products

3. The LED light modular is also used in the cabinet, front counter or table lighting

LED Aluminum Channel Installation

We would surface mounted aluminum channel, recessed extrusion profile, pendant the extrusion linear, screw corner profile or stick strip light which help our clients to cut the installation troubles.

LED Aluminum Channel

What’s the difference of MAX Illumination LED Aluminum Extrusion Profile?

1. Over the 100mm gap of led aluminum profile, we would like to install our unique design led light panel instead of traditional led light strips which creative a soft and uniform lighting atmosphere.

2. We not only supply a wide range of models of LED Aluminum Profile, but also provide the led aluminum channel cover like original clear diffuser or the silicon rubber cover for the slim led aluminum profile as well as the transparent silicone soft rubber products. And the silicon rubber tube is the waterproof and heat resistant. Normally, we have a direct vision on the led strips, it has a glare light which make us eyes uncomfortable so we avoid any eye contact. However, the silicon rubber tube would total change the glare spot light into the soft lighting strips.

Moreover, the silicone rubber strip is an excellent material for sealing and edging applications. It’s easily cut with a knife or bonded to stick the ultra-thin space. In some lighting projects requirement, the traditional aluminum profile might not be curved or bent, but the soft silicone strip light could be bent to fit on the target lighting products. Therefore, the flexible soft led tube/channel give designers and contractors much more ideas for the difficult task.It would be another popular led soft strip.

Flexible Soft Silicone LED Tube

3. We supply over 100 different kinds of aluminum extrusion for you to select in order to meet or exceed your expectations. And we continuously design and innovative the new led light modular

We offer the both traditional LED Aluminum extrusion strip and flexible soft silicone rubber led light strip for your strip lighting applications.

Soft LED Rubber Strip

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