LED Light Panel for Shop Fitting

LED light panel is a new choice for shop fitting. Whether indoors or outdoors, day or night, it continuously emits light with low energy consumption. Moreover, it provides a stable lighting for the advertising.

The LED light panel provides high brightness and uniform lightness. It can illuminate the advertising fabric to display content and vivid graphics. Its application in advertising has achieved good results.

1. Shop Fitting Out

The LED light panel is small in size, low in energy consumption and long in life, making it the best alternative to traditional lighting. In the dessert shop, jewelry store, make-up store, clothing store and airport shop etc., the LED light panel can evenly increase the brightness of the limited space, thereby improving by the scratching grade. Meanwhile, it can highlight the main products of the store through the layout of the light panel. Invisible to achieve the “primary and orderly” product promotion.

2. Machine Back Light

The LED light panel can make the advertising illumination for a wide range of machines including snack & drink vending machine, ATM, Auto Vending Machine. You can get rid of the shackles of natural light, and you can also promote sells due to makes it easier to capture people’s eyes and attract more attention.

3.Public Transportation

We often see large LED light panel that light in underground/subway passages, corridors, bus stops and walkway signage. The LED light panel upgrades these advertising columns from a monotonous two-dimensional layout to a three-dimensional layout, which is more three-dimensional, enriching the layout of these confined spaces while increasing the illumination, showing the prosperity of the city.

4. Indoor advertising

In addition to subways, hospitals, railway stations, airports and other public places, various shopping malls, large supermarkets, shopping centers, etc. have also begun to use LED light panel for advertising. With the maturity of LED technology, the resolution has been greatly improved and can now be applied to indoor spaces.


The installation of the LED light panel for shop fitting is simple as we could screw, glue, suspend and magnetic. For example, we are able to cut and leave four mounting buckles at the corners for fixed installation. Ultra-thin experience, it can be well integrated with the wall after installation.

LED Light Panel for Shop Fitting Out

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