Extra Thin LED Light Box

Thin LED light box is the first choice to light up signboards, banner textile and poster etc. MAX LED light box provides bright, evenly lit in a thin profile as well as available in single and double sided.

The frame of led light box is available in wooden material, aluminum, fabric and crystal material. And the wooden and aluminum of led light box is capable to be customized a wide range of color and pattern.

At present, aluminum LED light boxes and fabric LED light boxes are widely used. The panel of the aluminum LED light box is made of aluminum-plastic board. The lightweight and durable aluminum-plastic panel has excellent heat dissipation and is the material of choice for large LED light box. The aluminum-plastic panel has the metallic luster of metal and the weight per unit volume is small. Therefore, the shape and quality are guaranteed. And the maximum size is 1200mm X 2700mm, and mini size is about 150mm X 1500mm. The thickness of led light box could be only 25mm.

Fabric LED light box is made of advertising cloth (commonly known as light box cloth) as a light board, and the advertising content is drawn on the advertising cloth with oily ink. The advertising cloth has good light transmission, uniform illumination, no shadows, and the LED light box can be well loaded into the showroom or the point of sale. And the maximum size is 1200mm X 2600mm, and mini size is about 150 X 150 mm. The thickness of led light box could be only 25mm.

In addition, ultra-thin LED light boxes also has a uniform light result comparing to traditional led strips back lit because we apply the even illumination of led sheets as the lighting resource. It does not exert the lighting spots as well as not limited the distance because of lighting spot. So it’s the high standard led light box.

LED light boxes have the following characteristics:

1. Exquisite appearance, ultra-thin and ultra-light. LED light box can be as thin as 25 mm, and the lightest can be as light as 0.5 kg;

2. More than 70% energy saving than traditional light boxes. International leading lighting technology, more energy efficient;

3. Change the line source to the surface/light sheet source, the illumination is more uniform, softer and more comfortable;

4. Natural light immersive color design, the image is more realistic and pleasing to the eye, the visual effect is more excellent;

5.High-tech light guide plate technology design, its principle and effect can be comparable to laptop LCD display;

6. Make full use of the back-light transmission characteristics of the material, the light release rate is high, and the light propagation is more uniform and natural;

7. Quickly open for using, replacing the lamp is simpler and faster;


Q: How long does the LED light box last?

A: They should last for more than 50,000 hours.

Q: How do I hang the LED light box signboard?

A: The frame has a ridge and a small hole at the back to make the suspension easy. You don’t need anything special.

Q: Can I purchase a product without a frame?

A: Yes. Customers are welcome to purchase our light guides separately and customize LED light box.

Q: Can I customize the material of the frame?

A: If the order reaches a certain amount, we can replace the frame of other materials according to the customer’s needs, of course, the corresponding cost will also change.

Q: What is the color temperature?

A: Color temperature refers to a bluish or reddish color when the lamp is illuminated. If the color is red when the light is shining, his color temperature is low (2500-3000K), and the feeling is “warm”. However the color is blue, the color temperature is high (4000-4500K), and the feeling is “cold”.

LED Light Box

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