Bespoke Frameless LED Panel

Our frameless LED light panels is capable for bespoke size and shape.

1. Customizable size

We not only offer a wide range of bespoke led light panel, but also be able to customize thickness of panel including 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10 mm.

2. Multiple color options

We offer a range of color temperatures from 3000K to 6000K and full RGB colour changing options.

● 3000K-3500K. The light is warm white and yellowish. It can create a warm, comfortable and stable atmosphere which suitable for bedrooms, baby rooms, cafe, hotel, etc.

● 3500K-5500K. Neutral white can make people feel natural and relaxed, and it is the most widely used. Living rooms, restaurants, shopping malls, bathrooms, corridors, theaters, waiting rooms, etc. all choose this light color.

● 5500K-6000K. Factory workshop, office, conference room choose this cool white because it gives a serious and calm feeling.

● RGB color offer the artists and designers to create a particular look or feel with all the complexity and flexibility designing with color offers.

3. Varied Shape

Our bespoke frameless led light panel is available in different shape including round, triangle, square, hexagon and other shape.The frameless of the LED light panels is made of acrylic material which is allowed us make shape flexible.

4. LED Sides

One, two, four led sides are available to bespoke based on the Lux, Lumen and CRI requirement.

5. Usage

1.The LED light panels can highlight the characteristics of the product.

2. It’s able to backlit transparent material including stone, marble, fabric and advertising sheet

3. Illumination photo and photo negative

4. It could be used to inspect the phone camera light

5. It could be installed in the machine, ATM, vending machine to light up.

We Bespoke Frameless LED Light Panel for your projects.

Diffuser Plate with Frame LED Light Sheet

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