Counter Backlit Panel

The LED panel back light onyx slab emits uniform, non-shadow illumination, no hot spots and glare, and has a good decorative effect. It is a high-end lighting.

LED panel backlit onyx slab is to produce a variety of lighting performance, used in the bar counter, display booths, conference rooms, office reception, ,etc.,. It can meet the various needs of customers for lighting purpose. By using grid-cutting acrylic plate, LED light panels become thinner, even illumination and more economical. Also, it is allowing light to be evenly bright the whole onyx slab as well as highlighting texture and color. it deploys an elegant style for our clients. Whether it is a circle, an oval or a triangle, we can customize it for you.

1.Wall decoration

In some of office buildings, it has begun to adopt LED panel wall backlit onyx slab as a decoration material. We can simple to install led panel on the back of onyx slab. And LED light panel transmits light result in providing warm illumination for the onyx stone wall.In addition, It can maximum the onyx slab features which bring a quiet and elegant feeling as well reflect stone beauty.

LED Sheet Back lit Onyx Wall

2. Counter

The led panel is commonly used to back light the countertop. We can see many bars countertops and home counter which use the led light sheet to light onyx and marble made of bench. When we sit next to the counter, we can feel the bright counter bring us welcome feeling and peaceful. the light panel is changing the cooling stone to the warm feeling which is the most important factor. Therefore, many projects start to add the led panel on the counter.

Onyx Slab Counter Backlit


There are some photos below which show us the lighting stone and natural stone. Obviously, the lighting stone is more vivid. 

And we also provide different artificial translucent onyx to fit with different environment.

The color of light panel is also changed from cooling light to the warm light. So the onyx could be define as different features.

Original onyx compare back light onyx

4. Installation

The installation of our LED panel wall backlit onyx slab is super simple. So our customer can install led panel in a restricted space.

LED Panel Backlit Installation

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