LED panel for ATM and Vending Machine

LED panel works on the inspection device, ATM machines and vending machines.

LED light sheet backlit have significant advantages in physical properties 

(1) The LED light sheet is thin and custom to the surface or inside of other objects, and is easy to install.

(2) The LED sheet backlit is soft light without glare and shadow, and the color temperature and illumination intensity are adjustable.

(3) The LED light sheet panel backlit has low power consumption, less heat generation. Meanwhile it’s high brightness, long life, low failure rate and simple maintenance.

(4) The LED sheet panel backlit is non-toxic and non-radiative, and is an uniform lighting method.

LED Backlit Panel 

Nowadays, banks, camera inspection companies and machine manufacturer have adopted LED light panel backlit as lighting resouce. The LED light panel backlit adopts ultra-thin aluminum alloy structure and light guide plate. The material is very light and simple in shape, which is very suitable for the working properties of the ATM machines. Most notably, LED backlights provide a new way of advertising for ATMs. As a means of distinguishing ATMs from banks and banks, ATM backlights have become the most important advertising venues and important trademark and brand elements. Banks often integrate their logos, advertisements, images. Moreover, LED light panel backlits for added appeal and visibility.

The “self-contained highlights” attribute of the LED light panel makes it the perfect choice for vending machines. The machine can light up the products and the logo of the body. The bright lights and body colors complement each other, and the layers are rich and focused, making the vending machine even more eye-catching. Compared to the “stunned” body, the LED backlight can highlight text and graphics and be captured quickly in a rich field of view. The products sold are generally aluminum cans, plastic packaging foods, metal souvenirs. In addition, the surrounding illumination of the LED light panel show the outline and features of the product.

LED Light Panel Backlit ATM and vending Machine

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