Shop and Store Menu Backlit LED Light Sheet

Are you still worried about your logo or menu not being conspicuous? An LED light sheet can address the issues for you.

LED sheet allows “sweet light” for order menus, promotional sheets, merchandise lists, store logos, etc., to make your unique service and decoration stand out among stores.

Compared with other backlight, it has unique low power consumption, low heat generation, high brightness and long life. The color of LED light panel can be selected. and when combining with hard screen panel can give a more comfortable visual experience.

LED light sheet features:

1. Energy saving. Under the same brightness, the LED light panel can save more than 40% energy, or even 60%, than the CCFL light panel. With the further development of LED technology, the energy saving effect will be more obvious.

2. The color gamut is wider. The white light from the LED sheet is purer than any other white light from the backlight, so it is easier to increase the color gamut with the LED light panel. The color gamut enhancement allows the display to show more colors and make the colors more full.

3. You just need add you menu on the acrylic led light sheet to highlight the menu which has uniform light with thin thickness. At the same time, light source planarization and brightness uniformity are achieved.

4. Longer life. The LED light panel has a long period of luminance decay, and there is no phenomenon in which the luminance is attenuated due to long-term use.

5. Simple, pure and nice led light sheet are welcomed by many store, shop and retail owners.

We offer a variety of LED light panel for installation and training and guidance. We currently have standard LED light panel models and bespoke shapes and sizes. Besides, customers are welcome to discuss various design options with us.

LED Light Sheet Backlit Store and Shop Menu

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