Backlight LED Light Panel

LED backlight panel is a thin, efficient and high CRI light solution to illuminate onyx marble, signs, graphics. Also, we can often see the lighting features in store fitting out and office ambient light. The led light panel is available in standard size or customizable. In additional, the LED Light Panel is available in a wide range of color temperature (3000k~6500k), RGB and dynamic white color etc.

LED Backlit Panel Features

The light-emitting diodes or LEDs are arranged with acrylic light guide plate. it has flexibility and durability which makes it easy to make different size and shape.

The trim a sheet to fit the space, or connect multiple sheets to fill a large area in order to backlit space.

Easy installation. We offer three mounting methods including inlaid, recessed, and hoisted. And we provided the parts for the above installation. According to the instructions we provide, it can be installed quickly in 10 minutes.

Our led light panels are high-performing. And it creates a light space while saving on energy. Moreover, LEDs are a highly-efficient means of lighting, with led panels typically seeing 120 lumens per watt.

The led panel is totally “frameless” designs. Customers can also custom the light sheet without a border.

Our led light panel is unparalleled in its adaptability for creative ambient lighting designs.


1. Interior or exterior decoration;

2. Advertising display in exhibition, mall, station, shopping center, etc.;

3. Night Leisure for security, bar and restaurant;

4.Shop decoration such as shop menu, new product recommendation billboard, wall advertisement, ceiling decoration;

5. Logo and mark for hotels, supermarket, chain store, commercial center;

6.Sighs of Electricity equipment. Backlight for ATM machine, vending machine.

Our backlight LED sheet can be customized exactly to your specification. Morever, we can offer the most effective way of illuminating and animating your artwork. Contact us to begin working with our team to create lighting you’ve only imagined.

Back light led light panel

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