Lumi sheet


Custom Lumi Panel

  1. Edge-lit led light sheet.

2. The thickness of light panel is available in 4mm/6mm/8mm/10mm.

3.  Light uniform is over than 80%.

4. led light panel length is 2850mm, and width is 1450mm

5. The light lumi sheet can backlit fabric, textile, glass, wooden veneer, onyx, marble and other translucent material etc.

6. Availabable inRGB, RGBW and Color Temperature Control.

7. Single side led light, two led sides and four led sides input.

8. It’s available in frame, aluminum frame, or without frame RGB or RGBW led panel.

9. Bespoke led panel including size, shape, color and thickness.

10. Evenly lighting cross the entire surface of led panel. The light distribution grid is optimized for each specific panel size to ensure even and bright illumination oer their whole surface.

The dynamic illuminated led light panel is also recognized by many retail, shop, advertising display, signage, house decoration and public display etc.

The led lumi sheet and lumi panel is also available to backlit heavy materials such as stone and glass as well as in areas where large amounts of diffusion spacing is unavailable. It begins its transition into a complete luminous solutions provider.

lumi sheet

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