Backlit LED Light Panel

Backlit LED light Panel is widely applied for the stained glassnatural stonefabric and translucent material as backlighting. MAX Illumination is able to combine 4mm,6mm,8mm and 10mm optical clear acrylic sheets embed the LED diodes into the panel itself, most any dimension is possible. .A grid can be etched into the acrylic to increase the brightness and evenness of the light. There is no doubt that MAX Illumination backlit LED light panel makes it a perfect application for bar tops, backsplashes, floors, retail & shop shelving, walls, doors, shop display counter and architectural lighting.

Our backlit LED light panel has may unique advantages over traditional light. Using LED’s as the light source allows light panels to be extremely energy-efficient. A long lifespan along with being very durable compared to CFL’s and incandescent light bulbs is yet another benefit.

 Energy Efficiency

The amount of watts used per unit of light generated (lumens) is roughly half as much for LED’s compared to CFL’s and a tenth compared to incandescent bulbs. In more simple terms, LED’s should cost less than half as much to operate as other forms of lighting while still achieving the same level of light output.

Durability and Stability

We select a high-quality acrylic sheet as a light panel to achieve extremely stable and durable. The acrylic is shatter proof and resistance to most chemicals. Also, despite heat, sunlight, moisture and heat, the acrylic will maintain its original features and appearance. Even with its strength and durability. The light guide panel weights half as much as glass.

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Back light LED Light Panel

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