Light Panel for Shop Display

MAX Illumination light panel is widely used for shop counter display including cosmetic brand, glass and high-value goods etc. There is no doubt that LED Strip plays a vital role in our led light panel. High quality led strip assures light stable and durable.

Features of LED Strip

1. Selected One Bin

2. High CRI>94

3. 5yrs warranty

4. Lower CCT 1800K

5. High-Efficiency LM/W

6. High Brightness

7. High density

At MAX Illuminatiion LED our people are amongst the most experienced and knowledgeable amongst professionals in the industry. To ensure that we continuously employ and preserve every people who represent our values and take pride in their workmanship. Our engineer team keeps your repeated LED Light Panel order the same as the light color temperature and high CRI. We always strive to convene a professional LED shop display panel to exceed client and owners’ expectations and deliver exceptional results.

Light Panel for Shop Display

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