Backlit Lighting Solution

MAX Illumination LED Light Panel is becoming increasingly popular for the backlit lighting solution. Our completely customizable backlit lighting solution applies an LED Light panel. And it is unique and specially designed for application on certain spaces. Our Light panel can fit in any space and satisfy any need. Further, the panels can be linked together to illuminate large areas. Spaces of all shapes and sizes can backlit by as many LED panels as needed, depending on the amount of light.

The light panel can light up large areas evenly, is available in a wide range of color options with a long lifespan. On the other hand, the LED Light guide plate emits a minimal amount of heat which is almost unnoticeable. 

MAX Illumination backlighting solution is the perfect choice for shop adornment, home decoration and public advertising display. We believe that our LED light sheet is an outstanding solution for enhancing the mood and architecture design.

We offer a backlit lighting solution and rather than selling products.

led backlight panel

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