LED Panel Backlit Glass

We custom size and shape led panel to backlit fused art glass, stained glass and art glass. Now, our backlit panels make excellent focal pieces for entrances and hallways and the way the light shines through the colours is truly mesmerising. And we can create the panels to meet with exactly size as the glass.

We develop and manufacture different color from incandescent light (2700K) to bright, cool daylight (6500K), or cool light( 10000k) as well as RGB led panel and CCT panel that create a dynamic colorful glass or colorful light art.

Our led light guide plate is unique in supplying glass as an option to create large, even illumination, wall panels as well as benefit from the traditional aesthetic and functional values of glass, whilst using frameless led panel to light the lightwall panels ang glass

Also, the frameless led panel can back light a single design, a series of designs or cover an entire wall in stained glass. Additional, the artwork is illuminated with LED light panel rated for 50,000 hours without changing a light guide plate.

Reduce energy costs by more efficient lighting.

Ideal for meeting spaces, sanctuaries, chapels, classrooms, offices or halls.

Available in any shape or size (2800*1400mm to 50mm*50mm).

Save money in reduced lighting costs.

Finally, the led panel can back light stained glass and art glass properly.

led panel backlit stained glass

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