LED Diffuser Panel

The custom diffused led light panel is a high-grade lighting fixture. The illumination of the light guide plate is led out uniformly, and the diffuser sheet play a role of blurring the dotting or grid matrix. Therefore, the good lighting of led light guide panel improve the efficiency of the light guide plate. And the illumination uniformity is soft, comfortable and bright without losing, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue.

1. Custom size and shape of led diffuser panel is not only limited to 300*300mm, 600*600mm standard size. We can bespoke the shape and size.

2. The color temperature is range from 2700k~10000K.

3. The led light panel can be with aluminum alloy frame or frameless with simple seal.

4. The thickness of led diffuser panel is in 8mm, 10mm or 21mm etc.

5. The maximum size is up to 2850*1200mm.

6. The led panel is equipped with dissipate heat plate to avoid generate much heat.

7. The longer lifespan over 50,000 working hours can cut down the maintenance time.

8. The led diffuser lighting panel consume low power which is also a green lighting technology.

led diffuser panel

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