LED Light Panel with Translucent Material “2 and 1”

MAX Illumination rolls out the new products ——led light panel with onyx/marble/fabric “2 and 1” unit. And this research examined installation space, light effect, versatility, energy consumption and maintenance between traditional way and our new “2 and 1” unit.

Practical applications

1. Installation Space

Traditional way—-It requires 15cm-20cm space to install it, meanwhile it needs a installation infrastructure to mount it.

Traditional light Installation

MAX Illumination—5cm space is enough to install our “ 2 and 1” lighting units without the installation infrastructure to mount it.

2 and 1 led light panel plus fabric

2. Light Effect

Traditional way—-light tube is used as lighting resource which is visible light spot, uneven light, high energy consumption with generating a lot of heat so we don’t feel comfortable when we are closed to it.

Light tube backlit Onyx Stone

MAX Illumination— The led panel generate an uniformly light on the whole panel surface without glaring light spot, less energy consumption with unique heat dissipation device.

LED Panel Backlit Onyx Stone

3. Versality

Traditional way—-We might only can install one kind surface material.

MAX Illumination— We can apply a variety kind of surface material to make up a large space.

LED Panel Backlit Different Kinds of Surface

4. Energy Consumption

S/NPcs/㎡W/㎡Consumption (Kw/H)Daily Consumption (Kw)
T5 LED Tube4600.0611.52

5. Maintenance

Traditional way—-There would be easily getting dust and dirty between light and surface.

MAX Illumination— We can apply a variety kind of surface material to make up a large space. Moreover, the led light panel combining with surface material as a whole unite so the dusty would not be easily get into it. It can be maintained a clean light environment. And the lifespan is over 50,000 working hours.

LED Panel Backlit

The led light panel can be “ 2 and 1” with translucent onyx, marble, wood, fabric and other material etc.

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