LED Panel Backlit Paint

How to use led panel backlit paint or artwork? MAX Illumination custom led backlit panel can properly light your paint or artwork. Firstly, we can custom size and shape led panel to fit in the paint frame. Secondly, the light of led panel can be warm yellow color, the bright white or RGB to make paint or artwork difference at night or dark environment. It is very likely that quite similar results can be achieved when adding white or amber because the color of the lights can also be controlled with the paint.

The backlit artwork or paint can be hung out as a decoration, or an illumination sign. The ultra-thin led panel is available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm that can be installed on the back of paint, or stick paint together in a limited space. The led panel provide a homogenous spread lighting on the whole oil painting so we can see the paint display an even lighting result. Comparing to other light tools, the MAX illumination led panel has a longer lifespan that is over 50,000 working hours to reduce the down time.

LED Panel Light up Artwork Paint

Fortunately, LEDs don’t produce UV rays, which is the leading source of paint degradation. What hurt the reputation of LEDs illuminating paintings was an erroneous report in 2013 claiming that LEDs were damaging the chrome yellow in Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings. It turned out that the lights they were testing weren’t LED after all and that version of yellow paint is much more lightfast than it was 100 years ago, if used at all.

Promotion of led backlit paint has just started. Experts have just recognized these artworks, and every possible avenue to get the paintings out into the world is welcome. There is no question that with the mass growth of LED panel occurring that it’s the right time.

There is certainly still potential for technical improvements with regards to using the right LEDs, the perfect drivers and controls. Maybe further cooperation with led panel could lead to an even more spectacular presentation of the artworks. But finally, an artist’s imagination can run wild with the possibilities of Custom led panel that can be programmed to create ever more advanced paintings. And the technology behind is only the tool to support a great idea coming from an artist’s unique spirit of discovery and eagerness to experiment.

In additional, the led panel also light up canvas, Diy wall art, Diy art perspex, stained glass, onyx stone, marble, fabric cloth and translucent surface.

LED Panel Backlit

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