Backlit Glass, Stone and Fabric

LED light panel was chosen to illuminate a number of table, counter and workbenches which replace conventional fluorescent tube light-boxed used in the restoration of stained glass. Supplying bright, even illumination, LED Light sheet has eliminated numerous problems encountered by the using of fluorescent tube resource. Fluorescent tube benches with uneven, flickering and inconsistent light had a detrimental effect on the color.

However, the 5300k color temperature led panel is fitted with dimmer controls enabling brightness to be adjusted to people’s suitability. The cool-running of led light panel was also beneficial as it reduces heat influence which had previously been an issue due to heat emitted by the fluorescent material.

LED Light Panels have so many advantages over fluorescent tubes. Now people can spend less time concerning inconsistent light and more time focusing on the quality of work/life.

It would create an illumination led backlight wall.

led panel backlit fabric

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