Advanced LED Lighting Panel

MAX Illumination make and design the most advanced LED lighting panel products. And the LED Light panel technology can light poster & menu, poster-sized photos, signage, adverting as wellas signboard. High CRI and optimum equal distribution of light panel is created with crevices indented precisely in the acrylic by CNC.

Unlike existing back light unit replies on the frame, or other solutions to attach the led strip to the Light Guide Plate(LGP). We embedded high brightness LED with LGP to make backlit lighting units that surpass all competition. In addition, conventional LGPs are limited to the signage and display industry. However, MAX Illumination LED Light Panel bespoke by it’s thin, simple, the flexible shape allows for different applications. So it’s achieving the interest of a growing number of adverting and markets. The LED Light Panel is frameless and edge lit plate. Meanwhile it can custom into virtually any size or shape to fit a variety of jobs.

Interior Design

LED light sheet is with simple design and a wide range of color temperature allows for unique indoor lighting. It virtually supples architects with more lighting solutions and spirits.

fabric ceiling light

Outside Design

For outdoor applications, we can fabric IP-65 rating standard as wellas assures our lighting products’ long lifespan.

Shop Shelf LED Sheet

Double Side Illuminated Shelf

LED Lighting panel back lit shop & retail shelving and decorations.

Backlighting Unit

LED Backlighting Panel

MAX Illumination LED Light Panel is high CRI, brightness and uniform illumination. Moreover, it is perfect for back lighting a number of material including onyx, class and cast acrylic.

Signage Application

The custom shape of led panel allows for easy integration into the signage industry. In addition, from bespoke logo to direction signs, we think that you will agree that led light panel is in a league all it’s own.

We continuously evolve new elements with existing LED Light Panel products to back lighting translucent material. We believe that we don’t simply offer a lighting product, and we do supply the lighting solution. You are welcomed to contact with our team for more information.

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