Custom LED Panel

The size of custom led panel is available in Min. 50mm*50mm (2“ * 2“) to Max. 3000mm*1500mm (118” * 59”). Based on 2D shape, we can custom different shape of led panel to fit a variety of spaces lighting applications.

Features of Custom led Panel

The ultra slim of led panel is also available in 4mm(1/6“), 6mm(1/4“) and 8mm(5/16“). The framless led panel consists of embedding energy-efficient, high output LEDs along the edges of thin acrylic panel.  Laser-etched or physical line evenly distribute light across the surface of the panel, providing uniform light distribution for backlighting of marble, artificial glass, stretch fabrics, resin and onyx stone. Moreover, LED panel is installed directly behind the translucent surface being light with the structural steel supports. It can dramatically eliminate the shadows lines and cold spots. Therefore, it offers an evenly illumination for countertop, onyx wall and other translucent surface.

custom led panel

Durable and Light

The custom led light panel can work over 50,000 working hour for a long lifespan. After 5~6 working years, the led light panel can still work properly(lifespan can be extended via a quality transformer or dimming control).

The led panel can reach over 10,000 Lux with different temperature color from 2800k to 6500K as well as dimmable/colored RGB light available.

custom thin led panel

We pride ourselves on custom led sheet to meet our customer’s needs whether they need custom size, shape, Kelvin, RGB, dimmable or ultra-thin LED light panel. we custom led panel on a project-by-project basis.

bespoke led panel

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