Custom Size and Shape LED Light Sheet

Our LED light panel can be customized in a variety of shapes and sizes just to meet your needs. The surface brightness of our custom-sized LED light Sheet is powerful and has a service life of nearly 80,000 hours. We use high quality LED light-emitting strip and high quality acrylic light guide plate to make every detail and cost-effective.

LED light panel is suitable for backlighting and ambient lighting in a variety of applications. They are used in a wide range of applications, from decoration to home and so on, such as

• Illuminated bars and countertops

• Luminous stone (Onyx / Corien / Quartz / etc)

• Backlit graphics

• Trade exhibition

•Lighted floor

Each of our LED light sheets is possibly embedded with cool white, warm white or RGB LEDs. For subtle lighting effects, you can also customize the lighting controller. Cool white is the most popular color temperature because it backlights the true color of backlight.

If you need more control over the brightness to produce more subtle lighting effects, you can equip the LED light panel with a dimmable controller that makes it easy to reduce light to a preferred level.

The LED light guide plate uses a unique heat sink that dissipates the heat generated by the LED. This ensures that the panel runs cool when touched and maximizes the life of the LED module.

The LED light panel is securely mounted and ready for installation. The power cord is located at a selected location on the side or around the perimeter of the unit, and all internal connections and wiring are complete.

We always adhere to the “top quality, reasonable price, assured service” creed, and provide each customer with the most comprehensive service. Choosing us is to choose quality and assurance.

Backlit Panel

V-cutting LED Light Sheet

The V-cutting LED light Sheet is the core and highest technology of the LED light board. We have created a quite clean and pleasing surface for LED sheets with a high level of uniformity.

Our v-cutting LED light panel can be used for surface grids or drawing lines for ultra-thin light boxes, light guides, acrylics, plexiglass and other materials for lighting, signage, interior decoration, shop windows and so on. One significant advantage of LED light panel is that the rigidity and light transmission properties of the light enables 3D v-cutting technology to transfer light from the unit’s embedded LEDs to the entire surface of the light panel, its light source is mounted on its edge, and the light from the light source evenly covers the entire surface of the acrylic plate with uniform illumination.

What’s more, the thickness and size of the light guide plate determine the size and shape of the V-shaped groove. The closer to the light source, the greater the distance between the grooves. The farther away from the light source, the narrower the distance between the grooves.

V-cutting LED light sheet has the following advantages:

• Energy saving with low power consumption

• Long life cycle

• Low heat release

• Create uniform illumination without shadows.

Custom shape and size LED Light Panel

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