Acrylic LED Light Panel

Acrylic LED light panel works in hotels, conference rooms, factories or offices, commercial applications, residential or public facilities. And it consumes less energy with high color rendering index lighting.

The application of LED light panel

1. Advertising. We can see many applications of Led light panel in advertising such as the advertising boards and poster. More important, it offers the product recommendation board in the restaurant, the self-illumination advertisement of the building. And, all of which are backlight with LED light panel. It has changed the limitations of traditional billboards that are “stunned” without external light.

2. General lighting. The Led light panel can mounte on the ceiling as a lighting fixture. It is lightweight, has a variety of ways to embed and suspend the wire. And it’s Environmentally friendly, safe and non-polluting. Moreover, the start-up time is short and does not flash. In addition, LED panel has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, and even if we frequently turn On/Off, they will not affect the life of the product.

3. Space decoration. LED light panel is a green lighting product, which does not contain mercury, lead and other pollution element materials. Therefore, it is suitable in offices, homes, hotels, conference rooms and other places. The LED light panel takes up a small space and can be integrated into the wall to save space. According to the needs of the spatial layout, we can select various shapes, color temperatures, sizes.

4. Specific area lighting. There is a limite space for cultural relics booths, merchandise display cabinets, and jewelry cabinets. However, the subsidiary value of the products is very high. The acrylic LED light panel has no ultraviolet light and no infrared rays. So the object is protected from radiation damage. Moreover, the performance is stable, the maintenance rate is low, the versatility is strong, the installation is convenient, and the space is saved.

Maintenance of Led light panel

1. Always turn off the power before cleaning the fixture.

2. Clean with a dry or drier cloth.

3. Do not use chemical or corrosive things to clean.

Why choose us?

1. Our LED light panel comes with high-quality and high-efficiency driving power supply. Also, the appearance of aluminum alloy power supply drive is better than engineering plastics. Firstly, its heat dissipation is good. Secondly, the transportation and use process can effectively protect the internal parts. Not crushed and loosened, reducing the power drive failure rate. In addition, our drive power supply has stable working performance and smooth output current. Therefore, it provides a stable working environment for the light board.

2. We have strictly selected heat sink materials and structures. LED lighting is very important. When the lamp is working at high temperature, the light decay will be great and the lighting life will be reduced. Moreover, the good heat-dissipating material can prevent the LED light panel from being surrounded and affected by the heat generated by itself.

3. We use our own design to reach high lumen.

4. Others.LED panel light, high color rendering index, strong color reproduction, clear vision. And it’s no distortion of objects, suitable for high-end commercial lighting. In different occasions, according to the requirements of the customer.

Acrylic LED Light Panel

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