Bespoke LED Panel for Backlit Wall

The bespoke LED panel is a versatile backlight unit that provides uniform illumination as well as a space-saving panel signage solution. The LED panel can directly light on the back of transparent material. It does not need to be combined with a metal back tray. Therefore, it greatly reduces the fitting depth and saves space. Combined with V-cutting technology or the laser engraved dotting, it offer an uniformly light result on the whole panel. Moreover, the acrylic panel material is able to cut into the specified shape and size according to custom requirements. So it creates a new display method.

LED panels is capable of backliting Onyx like Cristallo quartzite and Alexandrita stone. In addition, it can illuminat stained glass, graphics, artwork and other translucent materials. They can also light up wall and countertops, signage, dressing tables, showers, fireplaces, cabinets, shelves etc. The LED backlight is uniform and  highlights the structure of the surface. It’s making the material stand out and produce more vivid effects. Meanwhile, It is now widely used in signage, menu boards, showcases and billboards etc.

We can custom le panel features including size, color temperature, border, shape, pattern. Even large backlight panel provides uniform illumination and sharp outlines.

Advantages of Custom LED Panel

(1) A variety of color temperatures are available, including warm white, neutral white, daylight white, and RGB. Equipped with a dimmable controller to adjust the brightness of the backlight.

(2) External or internal installation can be selected according to actual needs. LED panels can be equipped with lighting controllers to meet a variety of aesthetic requirements.

(3) Adopt LED thermal management technology to effectively control temperature and heat dissipation, ensure that the panel is cool when running, no hot spots, and over 50,000 hours of service life.

(4) Customized according to size or shape. State-of-the-art cutting technology for precise cutting of components based on custom specifications, including graphics, logos, images, images, custom designs and custom patterns. Customized double-sided panels are available.

(5) It does not produce problems such as yellowing, eclipsed illumination, color failure, etc. It is waterproof and impact resistant.

We have a professional team to customize the panel specifications and design backlight for our customers. We offer a full range of configurations to meet your functional requirements and achieve your aesthetic lighting goals. 

For more information on LED panel for backlit wall or application, please feel free to contact us.

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